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Mark Strauss Insurance provides competitive rates regardless of your past driving or credit history. Our low down payments and convenient monthly payment schedule offer you the flexibility you need.

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Mark Strauss Insurance Agency represents almost all of the leading insurance companies in Texas. When you request a quote, we check the rates of all of our companies to find you the lowest premium. Our friendly associates will help you find the insurance you want at a price you can afford. Years of experience and commitment to quality have earned us thousands of loyal customers throughout Texas.



Mark Strauss Insurance knows what matters to you most. That's why we specialize in providing renter, condominium, and Home insurance policies based on your specific needs. Browse our homeowners insurance section to learn more about how Mark Strauss Insurance can help protect everything you've worked so hard to achieve.



Renters Insurance policies are designed to cover you in the event of loss to your personal property and protect you in the event you're liable for injury or property damage to others in your rented Apartment,Home or Condo. Now,you can get Renters Insurance quotes from several insurers with Mark Strauss Insurance. An estimated 75% of Renters do not have Renters Insurance coverage. Many Landlords and complexes now require Renters Insurance as a condition to rent.



If you're starting a business or have been in business for a long time, are you properly insured?

Business insurance is of major importance in order to keep your operation running safely and smoothly. Small business insurance is especially important for those companies who cannot afford a major financial setback.



If you own a boat, you probably think about skimming across the waves or spending long afternoons out on the water. Boat insurance is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But boats need insurance, too. Just like cars and homes, boats can be damaged or cause injury or damage to people or property.

Many states require a minimum amount of liability insurance on your boat. And if you have a boat loan, your lender probably requires you to carry insurance for the boat itself. Additionally, many marinas and yacht clubs won't allow you to dock your boat unless you're insured. Whether required or not, it's a good idea to protect your investment.


.From main street enterprises to multinational Fortune 500 companies, Mark Strauss Insurance has built partnerships with agents and brokers to meet the insurance needs of businesses of any size. One of our key competitive advantages is MSI’s ability to provide unique and flexible programs with industry-specific coverages. Mark Strauss Insurance has also earned the endorsement of many national trade associations. We provide Insurance for almost all types of business segments, including Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Professional Services.

.Although all sports cars are exotic, many consider cars such as Jaguars and Ferraris to be truly exotic. They are considerably expensive and the insurance too can be very high compared to other cars.

Exotic sports cars will have to be insured to a higher amount because of their higher value in the market and different usage options. A few factors such as make of the car and certain elemental natural forces that might prove to be a risk to the car are considered before an insurance agent provides a quote.

An exotic sports car naturally has a higher cost of insurance policy compared to a standard vehicle. Sports cars are usually for pleasure driving and are normally driven faster and are more prone to more dangerous and harmful accidents than others. Also, they are highly priced in the market than the other utility vehicles.

Some companies take insurance for a sports car as a specialized field in insurance. Such companies tend to deal with the insurance of sports cars and exotic cars and are liable to provide lesser insurance policies than the other insurance agents who deal with insurance policies for all vehicles. Not Mark Strauss Insurance. At MSI we drive exotic cars and have experience matching some of the most prestigious vehicle investments with the insurance company who will provide the best cost to claim ratios available. Mark Strauss Insurance has representatives who specialize in the exotic, antique, classic and modified areas. We are uniquely able to assess the vehicle and provide the most competitive quote for the individual vehicle and driver. We use the same standards for all vehicles, that being, provide the best possible financial risk reduction formula to every insurance need regardless of the type or value of the asset.

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No need to fill out quote after quote. Mark Strauss Insurance Agency represents almost all of the leading insurance companies in Texas. Give us your information, and we will check the rates of all of our companies to find you the lowest rate. Get the rates from over 100 different insurance companies with just one quote. Our great low rates and excellent customer service makes us number one in insurance in Texas. Our friendly associates will help you find the insurance you want at a price you can afford. Our years of experience and commitment to quality have earned us thousands of loyal customers throughout the Austin metro area. Through the Internet, we can respond to your needs quickly and make purchasing your insurance policy a hassle-free experience. We guarantee it!

Our experienced agents are standing by to help you with every need.

Mark Strauss Insurance is one of the leading Texas insurance agencies for insurance, we do it all. If you need car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, motorcycle, boat, antique, classic, modified or exotic car insurance, you don't need to look any further. No matter what type of insurance, we check the rates of numerous leading companies and offer you the lowest rate available at the time.

Unlike most other Texas insurance agents, he represents more than just one company. This ensures your rate is checked with multiple insurance companies. Let us check all of our companies and see if you can save money with Mark Strauss Insurance... We promise a hassle-free experience!

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